Aug 23, 2007

CarDomain announces launch of new user-generated car video sharing service

Seattle, Washington –, an online community for auto enthusiasts, has announced the launch of CarDomain Videos. The new section allows enthusiasts to upload, post and share auto-related videos with the community. Since August, more than 1,000 videos have been uploaded, on subjects including racing, unusual and “over-the-top”, and install and how-tos.

Enthusiasts are invited to upload and share auto-themed videos at

“Our continuing mission at CarDomain is to provide our growing community of automotive enthusiasts with the most effective communication tools they need to fully express themselves and connect with others who share their particular interests,” says Rajan Krishnamurty, President and CEO. “From the casual car fanatic who loves to watch a Chevy truck jump a sand dune, to the hard-core tuner seeking expert video assistance on a challenging custom job, video represents a powerful medium that will push our members’ creative boundaries in entirely new directions.”

Founded in 1998, CarDomain Network has more than 3.8 million monthly users and 500,000 custom ride pages.

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