Yonkers, New York – Some 84 per cent of car owners reported being very satisfied with maintenance performed at independent repair shops, compared with 77 per cent at dealerships, according to a new survey by Consumer Reports.

The report also showed that satisfaction with dealers depended on the automotive brand. Among the top scorers in dealership maintenance satisfaction were Lexus, Buick and Acura, with 85, 83 and 82 per cent satisfaction rates, respectively. At the lower end, Volkswagen, Suzuki, Jeep and Nissan were rated at 67, 69, 70 and 70 per cent respectively.

Among owners whose cars needed repairs as well as maintenance, the difference was even more pronounced, with 75 per cent very satisfied with independents, versus only 57 per cent with dealerships.

Six American automakers ranked among the top ten in terms of customer satisfaction with dealership maintenance: Buick, Saturn, Mercury, Cadillac, Lincoln and Oldsmobile.

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