Metal debris passing through bad oil filter to blame

Car & Driver has been enjoying their latest long-term vehicle, but maybe they’ve been enjoying it a little too much.

During their latest long-term update of the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette, “the LT1 small-block V-8 introduced with the C7 lunched itself at 6000 miles,” says the report.

What’s to blame? A bad oil filter – probably – that allowed a piece of metal to make its way down to the connecting-rod bearing.

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While press vehicles do sometimes incur a higher degree of wear and tear, this may not be the fault of C&D. There have been some other isolated reports in the Stingray forums and other places complaining of similar failures. GM, for their part, has said they’re looking into the matter to find a root cause.

What can you do if you own one of these LT1 powered rocketships? Getting a full oil change on a more regular basis probably wouldn’t hurt, along with an aftermarket oil filter for the time being. Sometimes you can never be too safe.

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