March 2, 2007

Canadians preferred small cars in 2006, analyst says

Richmond Hill, Ontario – For the first time in history, over half of Canadian consumers purchased a small, fuel-efficient vehicle in 2006, says industry analyst Dennis DesRosiers. A total of 50.7 per cent of buyers chose small vehicles, while 25 per cent purchased a mid-sized family vehicle, 12.4 per cent bought large/luxury/sport vehicles, and 11.9 bought a vehicle designed primarily for commercial use, such as a pickup truck or van.

“I’d say that this makes a very strong case that consumers are being very responsible with their vehicles purchases when it comes to the climate change agenda,” DesRosiers says.

Overall, consumers (excluding fleet sales) purchased 572,746 entry-level vehicles in 2006, compared to 331,861 mid-size family vehicles, 164,974 large/luxury/sport vehicles, and 157,523 “primarily commercial” vehicles.

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