Aug 3, 2007

Canadians concerned about highway safety, says CAA poll

Ottawa, Ontario – A survey conducted for the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) finds that Canadians are increasingly concerned about highway safety. Of the 1,010 people surveyed between July 26 and July 30, 38 per cent indicated they would be on the road this long weekend; 41 per cent responded that they are concerned about the overall safety of the highway system.

“This survey reinforces what CAA has long maintained, that with deteriorating infrastructure and increased vehicles on the road, the overall safety of the roads and highways is a concern to motorists,” says David Armour, President of CAA. “While CAA acknowledges the recent investment by the federal government to improve the condition of Canada’s highways via the Building Canada Initiative, we are concerned with the current $22 billion deficit in our National Highway System.”

CAA says that in addition to motorists, almost every industry in Canada relies heavily on the roadway system to remain productive; cross-border trade with the U.S. and Mexico results in 80 per cent, or about $480 billion, of our nation’s trade moving by roads. The CAA says it continues to call for a high-quality national highway system that will promote safety and prosperity.

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