February 5, 2004

Canadian vehicle sales mostly lower in January

Vancouver, B.C. – Most major automakers experienced sales declines or modest gains
in January, but there were a few bright spots, such as Mazda’s 30.7% increase in
sales, according to Desrosiers Automotive Consultants Inc.

Ford’s vehicle sales dropped 33.2% despite the new F-Series being the best-selling
vehicle in Canada; DaimlerChrysler sales declined 12%, and General Motors had a
modest gain of 2.3%.

Most import brands also experienced lower January sales: Nissan sales dipped 17.7%,
Hyundai declined 20.7%, Honda sales fell 27%, Kia dropped 36.8%, Mitsubishi slid
40%, and Volkswagen plummeted 44.2%. Mazda sold 4,463 vehicles, a gain of 30.7%
mostly on the strength of the new Mazda3. Toyota sales increased 3.5%, Subaru sales
rose 0.2%, and Suzuki Canada sales gained 47.6%, but on fairly modest sales of 586

Some luxury automakers were also hard hit: Mercedes-Benz sales dropped 37%, Audi
slid 25.8%, Jaguar plummeted 56.3%, Land Rover fell 13.7%, BMW was lower by 4.7%,
and Infiniti dipped 1.7%. Among the winners, Lexus was up 33.6%, Volvo was up
3.1%, and Acura was higher by 1.5%. Porsche and Saab were up by 92% and 63.5%
respectively on modest monthly sales of 96 and 85 vehicles respectively.

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