March 9, 2007

Canadian trade association launches Right to Repair Web site

Ottawa, Ontario – The Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA), with support from its members, has launched a Right to Repair Web site to educate consumers and government about technician access to vehicles’ computer information. The site can be found at

Modeled on a “Right to Repair” bill presented to the U.S. Congress, the initiative asks for access to computer codes, software, training and specialized tools from auto manufacturers, which may not be available to independent repair facilities and technicians. AIA says that if the information is not available, consumers do not have a choice of repair facility, but must take their vehicles to dealerships, which it says could result in higher repair costs, lower productivity and economic instability.

“Over 30,000 independent repair facilities in Canada could potentially close, and will certainly lose business and profitability if this issue is not solved,” says Ray Datt, President of AIA Canada. “This will have a ripple effect throughout the industry. The auto parts stores and the wholesalers will also be affected. This new Web site is a first step in raising awareness of the problem. We hope it reaches everyone in the aftermarket and encourages them to get actively involved in solving the problem.”

The Web site encourages visitors to take action by submitting a letter to their MP, through the site, by signing an online petition, and by providing feedback on problems they have had trying to repair vehicles.

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