Ottawa, Ontario – Fewer deaths are occurring on Canada’s roads every year, according to the latest statistics released by Transport Canada.

The latest figures, from 2007, reveal a 4.4 per cent decrease, with 2,767 fatalities in 2007 compared with 2,889 in 2006. Current estimates for 2008 show an even greater decline.

Since 1987, road traffic deaths have declined by 32.5 per cent. In 2007, about 52.2 per cent of those who died were drivers, 22 per cent were passengers, and 13.6 per cent were pedestrians.

“Although fewer lives are being lost on our roads every year, remaining vigilant about safety is still key,” said Transport Minister John Baird. “Driving safely, wearing seatbelts and staying sober behind the wheel are all essential in helping to reduce fatalities and injuries on the road. The government of Canada has introduced new safety standards and regulations to help keep Canadians safe.”

Effective August 31, 2011, all new vehicles sold in Canada must contain electronic stability control.

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