July 26, 2006

Canadian Renewable Fuels Association unveils plan for renewable fuel content

Ottawa, Ontario – The Canadian Renewable Fuels Association has unveiled a comprehensive plan to implement the federal government’s commitment to require five per cent renewable content in Canadian gasoline and diesel fuel.

“Today we are releasing a realistic road map to create a Made-in-Canada renewable fuels industry,” says Executive Director Kory Teneycke. “This paper is the product of an unparalleled consultation process with organizations in the ethanol and biodiesel industry. Every portion of the biofuels value chain has participated in this policy process, including farmers, agribusiness, fuel producers and consumers.”

The policy also includes a plan to increase ethanol and biodiesel production, by putting in place an economic and regulatory environment competitive with other countries and the rest of the energy industry.

Recommended policies in the Canadian Renewable Fuels Strategy include the requirement for an average of five per cent renewable fuel content in Canadian fuel; tax credits for ethanol and biodiesel production, instead of the existing excise tax exemption; programs to ensure farmer equity investment in renewable fuels production facilities and to support emerging technologies; and the need for clear standards for renewable fuels, to ensure the quality and safety of the Canadian fuel supply is maintained.

“Renewable fuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel, will lower greenhouse gas emissions, provide a hedge against rising fuel prices, and create sustainable jobs in rural Canada,” says Teneycke. “We are confident that with continued consultation and input, this Made-in-Canada renewable fuels strategy will fuel change across Canada.”

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