January 20, 2005

Canadian pedestrian fatalities down

Ottawa, Ontario – Pedestrian fatalities resulting from collisions with motor vehicles have dropped by 24 percent in Canada over a 10-year period (1992-2001), reports Transport Canada.

Total road user fatalities decreased 20.7 percent over the same period despite the rise in Canada’s population from 28.4 million in 1992 to 31.1 million in 2001.

The report reviews the number of pedestrian fatalities and injuries by age groups and gender, by jurisdiction, time of day and month, also breaking statistics down by provinces and territories. It presents tables and charts showing the fatality and injury rates per 100,000 population, the distribution of fatalities and injuries by type of vehicle, pedestrian action and the number and percentage of fatally injured pedestrians who had been drinking.

These statistics were published in a report called Pedestrian Fatalities and Injuries 1992-2001 and are available on the Transport Canada website.

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