May 9, 2007

Canadian motorists still ignorant about proper tire inflation

Toronto, Ontario – A new Ipsos Reid Survey shows over 60% of Canadian motorists do not know how or when to verify correct tire pressure and just 38 percent are aware that tires should be “cold” when pressure is tested, meaning that tire pressures should be checked only after a vehicle has been stationary for at least three hours or has not been driven more than two kilometres.

The Ipsos Reid study, commissioned by The Rubber Association of Canada (RAC), found that fifty-one percent of Canadian motorists do not take the time to measure their tire pressure monthly even though 97% of Canadian motorists believe proper tire inflation is important. Current RAC data shows that 23% of Canadian motorists drive with at least one tire that is under-inflated by 20% or more. Over 640 million litres of fuel is consumed in excess every year due to motorists’ under-inflated tires.

On a more positive note, the survey suggests that a majority of Canadian drivers consider tire maintenance to be a priority. When asked why maintaining proper tire inflation was important, the most commonly cited reason by drivers surveyed was vehicle safety (53%) up from 39% in 2005, followed by fuel economy (34%) also citing a slight increase, handling (31%) and longer tire life (21%).

National Be Tire Smart Week is taking place from May 14 to 20, 2007. During this special week the tire industry, including retailers, distributors and manufacturers, will be reminding motorists about the importance of tire maintenance and measuring their tire pressure at least once a month.

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