Toronto, Ontario – A new Mitsubishi advertising campaign, developed by a Toronto company, has attracted attention from Mitsubishi marketing departments worldwide and will air on American television during the NBA playoffs.

The campaign, created through computer-generated graphics, shows factory rotors moving through various sports-related activities such as basketball, football and hockey as they assemble vehicles. The ad is for the new Eclipse and Eclipse Spyder.

“This spot speaks directly to what Mitsubishi reflects – imagination, inspiration, innovation and performance,” said Peter Renz, Mitsubishi Director of Marketing. “At Mitsubishi, we are not content with business as usual. We seek always to move the needle in bringing new cars to market, as well as continuously improving our service and performance. Moreover, by producing this 100 per cent computer-generated spot, we underscored Mitsubishi’s technical spirit – one that speaks to everyone who loves machines.”

The ad was developed by BBDO Toronto and created by special effects house The Mill, based in New York. It took 15 staff members over three and a half months to build the visuals. It will be broadcast without changes by Mitsubishi Motors North America in California during the NBA playoffs on ABC, NBC, TNT and ESPN1,2,3.

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