February 12, 2004

GM shows hybrid buses, pickup trucks at Toronto show

Toronto, Ontario – General Motors of Canada will showcase its hybrid transit bus and
full-size pickup trucks at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto this

GM’s display also features a cutaway of the Advanced Hybrid System that powers
transit buses. In addition, the GM Hybrid Transit Bus will be on display through the
auto show’s opening weekend.

Michael Grimaldi, President of General Motors of Canada said, “GM’s strategy is to
target the highest fuel consuming vehicles first. We have hybrid transit buses and
full-size pickup trucks available today and will be offering hybrid versions of our
full-size sport-utilities, compact sport-utilities and passenger cars over the next
few years.”

Grimaldi added, “GM’s Hybrid Transit bus improves fuel economy by up to 50 percent
and reduces emissions by up to 90 percent. – It would take fewer than 150 hybrid
buses, or about 1% of all the urban transit buses operating in the country today, to
exceed the fuel saved by all the hybrid cars that have been sold to date in Canada”

The Honourable R. John Efford, Minister of Natural Resources Canada, who was at the
show presenting GM with three NRCan EnerGuide Fuel Efficiency Awards said, “It’s
very important that we target our efforts on overall fuel savings and emission
reductions. GM’s strategy of focusing on its highest fuel consuming vehicles could
make a significant impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The fuel economy of GM’s hybrid pickup trucks, which are already in production, is
improved by up to 12 percent over a regular GMC Sierra or Chevrolet Silverado. These
trucks not only deliver improved fuel economy, they also offer 110-volt outlets in
the pickup box and the inside the cab.

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