November 30, 2007

Canadian hybrid shuttle bus successfully completes U.S. government testing

Oak Park, Michigan – Azure Dynamics Corporation, a developer of commercial vehicle hybrid electric and electric powertrains based in Vancouver and Toronto, has announced that its hybrid shuttle bus has successfully completed durability testing at the U.S. government’s bus certification test facility in Altoona, Pennsylvania. The successful completion of the test qualifies Azure’s gasoline-hybrid drive system for federally-supported hybrid bus purchases by public transit agencies across the U.S.

“This test demonstrates, on an accelerated time frame, the ability of Azure’s hybrid system to withstand the rigours of operating in a demanding urban transit bus environment for seven years,” said Scott Harrison, Azure CEO. “With this federal funded program now in place, U.S. shuttle bus operators can cost-effectively adopt an environmentally clear hybrid shuttle bus solution.”

The series hybrid electric shuttle bus uses an electric motor as the only means of driving the wheels. Electricity comes from a battery pack or an on-board generator powered by the engine; the batteries are recharged by the engine/generator, as well as by regenerative energy during braking. Depending on the drive cycle, Azure’s bus reduces fuel consumption by up to 40 per cent, reduces maintenance costs by 25 per cent and is anti-idle compliant.

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