July 29, 2005

Canadian government extends natural gas assistance to conversions

Ottawa, Ontario – The Government of Canada has extended the Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV) Transformation Pilot Project to include conversions, as well as for buying or leasing a new natural gas vehicle.

Fleet owners can receive up to $3,000 per vehicle toward the installation of an advanced NGV conversion system, which is the same maximum benefit allocated toward new vehicles. The project is being implemented by the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance (CNGVA).

Natural gas vehicles produce approximately 21 per cent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than their conventional gasoline counterparts. There are more than 120 public refueling stations in major Canadian centres; as well, the CNGVA promotes at-home or at-work refueling using a vehicle refueling appliance. However, out of approximately 17.5 million light-duty and 600,000 medium- and heavy-duty vehicles in Canadian fleets, only 25,000 run on natural gas.

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