July 31, 2006

Canadian government and automakers agree to safety enhancements

Ottawa, Ontario – Lawrence Cannon, the federal Minister of Transport, has announced the signing of three memoranda of understanding with 17 vehicle manufacturers to address safety issues. The agreements update a previously-approved side-impact protection memorandum of understanding that addressed compatibility between vehicles, and promoted proper seatbelt fit.

The agreements include updating the side impact protection requirements to better protect children who sit next to an airbag; improving compatibility between vehicles of different sizes, to reduce the severity of occupant injury in side and frontal collisions; and promoting the use of new technologies in the design and manufacture of vehicles, to ensure optimal seatbelt fit for front seat passengers.

“Canada’s new government is continually looking for ways to reduce the risk of death, injury and property damage due to incidents involving motor vehicles,” says Cannon. “These agreements are the result of extensive cooperation between the Government of Canada and the automotive industry.”

Transport Canada’s first memorandum of understanding related to road safety was signed on March 6, 2001 with automobile manufacturers and importers. It dealt with side airbag systems as they became standard or optional safety equipment in front seats of vehicles.

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