Toronto, Ontario – A new study of productivity levels in the North American auto assembly industry has confirmed that Canadian auto factories are the most efficient in North America, according to the Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW).

The CAW also said the study showed that unionized plants demonstrate higher labour productivity than non-unionized ones. The study was written by CAW economist Jim Stanford, based on the analysis of independent government and industry data.

The study shows that average labour productivity is more than 11 per cent higher in Canadian plants than those in the U.S., and about 35 per cent higher than in Mexican plants.

Productivity in the North American Auto Assembly Industry 1998-2007 also said that CAW plants are six per cent more productive than non-union Canadian plants, eight per cent more productive than UAW plants, and 24 per cent more productive than non-union transplant operations in the U.S. Of the ten most efficient auto assembly plants in North America, non are non-union, and four are represented by the CAW.

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