October 13, 2006

Ontario company converts Prius to plug-in hybrid

Ajax, Ontario – Toronto-based Hymotion, a manufacturer of plug-in hybrid technology, has converted a Toyota Prius into a plug-in hybrid for Ontario utility company Veridian. The Prius is the first phase of a showcase project that will also include adding solar panels to the roof of the vehicle, and to the roof of Veridian’s headquarters for daytime charging.

“I think the public is starting to realize that the future of the automotive industry is moving more and more towards being powered by electricity,” says Richardo Bazzarella, President of Hymotion. “We want to help demonstrate that sustainable transportation is here today and is not just a thing of the future.”

Veridian President and CEO Michael Angemeer drives the Prius on a daily basis and reports that he can travel about 55 km on a single battery charge, with a little gasoline used for acceleration. The plug-in hybrid project is being supported in part by the LDC (Local Distribution Company) Tomorrow Fund, a utility industry fund established to finance research projects that advance innovation in Ontario’s electricity distribution sector.

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