July 25, 2006

Canadian company introduces “hands-free and eyes-free” in-vehicle email

Waterloo, Ontario – Ontario-based Mechatronic Systems Inc (IMS) has announced iLane, which it calls “the world’s first hands-free and eyes-free email solution for in-vehicle use”. The system uses a voice-based interface to access email messages while in transit.

iLane automatically notifies the driver of incoming emails and other important information by reading a brief summary, in the driver’s language of choice. The driver can then listen to the entire message, forward or compose a response, and manage meeting requests using verbal instructions.

The system interacts directly with existing Bluetooth-enabled handheld devices and vehicle audio systems or headsets to read messages out loud and listen to driver instructions. The system filters and prioritizes messages based on personal preferences and notification settings; communications not requiring an immediate response can be automatically managed with a preset user preference.

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