September 16, 2002

Canadian Auto Workers union considers GM’s second offer

Toronto, Ontario – General Motors presented its second economic offer to the Canadian Auto Workers on Sunday after being flatly rejected by the CAW on its first offer.

The second offer “gives us the opportunity to shape an agreement by the strike deadline,” said CAW president Buzz Hargrove. However, Hargrove cautioned that the next 48 hours had to be round-the-clock and the company still had a lot of tough issues to deal with to get a settlement before the deadline.

“This offer removed the contentious issues of lump sums and contract workers and the 50 cents payout from our Cost of Living – principled issues for the union. It put money but not enough on the table. There are still problems in the areas of benefits, job security, skilled trades and local agreements. There will be no caps or co-pay increases in this agreement.”

“While it is a “framework” there are issues in job security such as new work in Windsor, the proposed sale of facilities in London, the layoffs and a commitment for the future of the St. Catharines operations, and the crew cab and paint shop completion in Oshawa. This is a framework but a lot of hard work lies ahead of us if we are to avoid a shutdown said Hargrove.”

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