July 19, 2005

Canadian advanced battery manufacturer receives $1.7 million grant

Mississauga, Ontario – Lithium battery manufacturer Electrovaya is receiving $1.7 million from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) to support the development and demonstration of the company’s Lithium Ion SuperPolymer battery system for use in zero-emission battery electric vehicles, primarily for fleet applications. Further funding of $3.9 million is being invested by Electrovaya and a consortium including Unicell, a manufacturer of commercial fleet vehicles; Purolator; SouthWestern Energy; and Halton Hills Hydro Limited.

Electrovaya has a research program underway to increase the cell energy density of its batteries, while Unicell is working to develop an all-electric drivetrain for commercial vehicles. The resulting new Class 4 medium-duty, all-electric vehicle will be demonstrated in 2006.

Purolator, which is also working with Azure Dynamics and Hydrogenics on separate hybrid and fuel cell projects, could end up purchasing 400 hybrid electric vans each year as its existing vehicles age out.

Sustainable Development Technology Canada is a foundation created by the Government of Canada. It operates a $550 million fund to support the development and demonstration of clean technologies. Electrovaya’s funding is one of 15 awards totalling $43.4 million made to clean technology projects, but it is one of only two transportation awards in the group. The other went to Pratt & Whitney Canada to support the development of low-emission gas turbine aircraft engines.

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