Washington, D.C. – Canada has established a Heavy Oil Working Group, which will work with various countries to share knowledge and technologies on heavy oil such as oil sands. The group, which was initiated during the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas, includes leaders from countries with heavy oil potential.

“This working group will provide a forum for Canada to demonstrate its expertise and share knowledge on oil development and technologies, including the oil sands,” said Christian Paradis, Minister of Natural Resources. “Collaborating with our neighbours in this way will help us all balance energy security and climate change with economic development.”

The group includes Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, the United States and Venezuela, and will collaborate on clean energy research to reduce the impact of fossil fuel development. It will work in partnership with other global networks, heavy oil organizations and industry in participating countries, research groups, academia and environmental organizations.

The Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas, announced in 2009 by the U.S., brings together leaders from countries in North and South America to discuss strengthening energy security, promoting alternative energy resources, and acting together to confront the effects of global climate change.

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