Ottawa, Ontario – Canada will have some of the world’s strictest testing on child car seats, thanks to proposed amendments by the federal government.

Transport Minister John Baird introduced the amendments, which will make Canada’s testing standards of child seats unprecedented and world-leading.

“By introducing more rigorous testing, our government is taking action to ensure child car seats provide unequivocal protection to children,” Baird said. “By introducing these new testing standards, as well as passing strict street racing laws and introducing legislation to crack down on drug-impaired driving, our government remains steadfast in protecting the lives of Canadians on our roads.”

The proposed amendments include a new testing procedure requiring child seats to be tested with a three-point lap/shoulder belt. The government said that Canada is leading the world with this amendment.

Testing will also reflect modern realities, using state-of-the-art equipment that will lead to a safer environment for children in the event of a collision.

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