Calgary, Alberta – Canada faces a shortage of skilled oil workers, which is combining with market access and cost control issues to cause headaches for Canada’s oil and gas companies, according to Ernst & Young.

“With the Alberta government predicting a shortage of at least 77,000 workers within the next decade, companies can’t afford to be idle when it comes to attracting and retaining talent,” said Lance Mortlock, senior manager in Ernst & Young’s oil and gas practice. “A perfect demographic storm is already brewing in Canada’s oil and gas sector, as companies face climbing labour costs and the onset of severe worker shortages.”

In a recent survey, 47 per cent of Canada’s leading oil and gas companies cited labour availability as the most important issue facing their companies.

“Alberta’s oil and gas companies need to start looking at new ways of operating, including becoming much more creative with their hiring plans and considering attracting and sourcing talent from other countries around the world,” Mortlock said. “Beyond that, they must ensure their companies have strong knowledge transfer, training and integration programs in place to bring new employees up to speed on processes as quickly as possible.”

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