March 19, 2002

Canada Safety Council teams with DaimlerChrysler dealers to show safe-driving video

Windsor, Ontario – DaimlerChrysler Canada is distributing copies of a new Canada Safety Council video “Driven to Distraction” to its more than 500 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep retailers across Canada.

“This new instructional video deals with one of the major problems on the road today, the distracted driver,” Emile Therien, President of the Canada Safety Council said. “The video was created to help drivers better understand their capabilities and limitations behind the wheel and help drive distractions away.”

“Drivers routinely consume fast food, drink coffee, change radio stations, switch CDs and tapes, talk on a cellular phone or try to stop their kids from fighting. Any of these distractions can take your attention away from your driving and significantly increase your risk of being involved in a
collision,” Mr. Therien said.

“We are sending a copy of this video to all of our retailers and asking them to place it in the video player in their customer waiting areas,” said Patrick W. Dougherty, Vice President – Sales and Service, DaimlerChrysler Canada. “This excellent video packs a powerful message for all drivers, from beginners to professionals,” Mr. Dougherty said.

The hard-hitting, ten-minute video examines common driving distractions from three perspectives – situational, environmental and psychological.

Driven to Distraction was produced with technical guidance and financial assistance from the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association. Additional input and guidance was received from a number of organizations, agencies, government bodies and associations including the Insurance Bureau of Canada, Driving School Association of Ontario, Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Alberta Ministry of Transportation, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, Societe de l’assurance automobile du Quebec and the Road Safety Educators Association.

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