September 18, 2007

Canada opens pavilion at 23rd World Road Congress

Ottawa, Ontario – The Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities has inaugurated the Canada Pavilion as part of the Canadian Trade Mission to the 23rd World Road Congress. The Congress will run until September 21 in Paris, France.

One of the largest pavilions at the Congress, the Canada Pavilion will showcase the products and services of 46 Canadian organizations. The exhibition brings together experts, professionals and leaders in the international road community.

“The purpose of the Canadian Trade Mission is to offer our expertise to the world and, in return, learn about the most recent developments in cutting-edge technology and best practices in the fields of roads and road infrastructure,” says Brian Jean, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport. “Through its participation and leadership, the Government of Canada is pleased to facilitate this global dialogue, which is essential to safe and effective management of roads and road infrastructure for all the citizens of the world.”

The Canadian Trade Mission, consisting of some 200 members, was organized by Transport Canada to enable representatives of the Canadian road community, including governments, private corporations, and researchers, to use the Congress to promote their products, services and expertise. It also gives participating businesses and organizations an opportunity to develop relationships with international representatives of the road transportation industry.

The World Road Congress is held every four years by the World Road Association, an international not-for-profit organization created in 1909. In 2010, it will hold the international Winter Road Congress in Quebec City.

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