July 7, 2005

Canada boosts ethanol funding

Ottawa, Ontario – The Government of Canada has allocated $46 million for the construction or expansion of five ethanol plants across Canada. It marks the second stage of the Ethanol Expansion Program, which has already allocated $72 million to six projects.

The new projects represent approximately 512 million litres per year of production capacity, and will increase total Canadian capacity to 1.4 billion litres, seven times what it was prior to the beginning of the program. Canada has a target of 35 per cent of all gasoline to contain a blend of 10 per cent ethanol by 2010.

The five plants targetted by the funding are Commercial Alcohols Inc. for a plant in Windsor, Ontario; Husky Oil Marketing Company for a plant in Minnedosa, Manitoba; Integrated Grain Processors Co-Operative Inc., in Brantford, Ontario; Permolex Ltd., in Red Deer, Alberta; and Power Stream Energy Services Inc. in Collingwood, Ontario.

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