May 8, 2007

Canada and Ontario invest in new technology to enhance border traffic movement

Sarnia, Ontario – The federal and Ontario governments have announced the introduction of new Intelligent Transportation Systems technology at the Blue Water Bridge border crossing along Highway 402 to enhance safety and help improve the flow of traffic. The bridge crosses the St. Clair River connects Sarnia, Ontario with Port Huron, Michigan.

Both governments are contributing a total of $4.4 million. The technology includes pavement sensors that monitor vehicle speeds and, within 30 seconds, send traffic information to warning signs and to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s Southwestern Regional Communications Centre. The signs will provide motorists with information on traffic conditions ahead. Nine closed-circuit television cameras will assist Ontario Ministry staff to detect incidents and dispatch emergency services sooner, to resolve road emergencies and related traffic congestion more efficiently.

This initiative is an element of the two governments’ Action Plan for Intelligent Border Crossing; other technology investments include traffic management systems, traveller information systems, and commercial vehicle and passenger car pre-screening systems.

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