Op-ed piece suggests putting Lincoln out to pasture and starting anew.

While I am usually no fan of making op-eds a news item, David Kiley at AutoBlog has provided some interesting discussion about Lincoln and where it should go – down the toilet – so Ford can refocus on a new luxury brand without any historical connotation.

“I have been saying for about two years now that the trouble with Ford’s Lincoln brand is that no one cares about it any more,” Kiley says. And he’s absolutely right. Even the dealers don’t care about Lincoln anymore.

He suggests ditching the brand completely, making certain models (MKS and MKT) livery-only as Ford did in the dying days of the Crown Victoria, give the Navigator some rhinoplasty in the form of a new Ford emblem on the grille, and have the gumption to kill the Lincoln brand.

What do you folks think? Sound off in the comments.

[Source: AutoBlog]

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