Aug 21, 2007

CALSTART announces 2007 Blue Sky Award winners for clean transportation

Pasadena, California – CALSTART, a consortium of companies dedicated to expanding a high-tech, clean, energy-efficient transportation industry, has announced the 2007 winners of its Blue Sky Awards. The winners are selected for their market leadership and actions in advanced transportation; the awards recognize outstanding marketplace contributions to clean air, energy efficiency, and to the clean transportation industry overall by companies, organizations and individuals.

“This year’s Blue Sky Award winners are at the forefront of the fight to improve air quality, combat global warming, ensure our energy independence and to create sustainable, quality jobs,” says John Boesel, President and CEO of CALSTART. “From clean and renewable fuels to more efficient vehicles, policies and investments, these winners exemplify the award’s vision: taking clean and sustainable transportation products to the marketplace.”

The winners are as follows:

  • Blue Sky Award: presented to Navistar International Corporation for its investment in the engineering, development, field assessment and 2007 production launch of medium-duty hybrid trucks earlier and faster than its competitors.
  • Blue Sky Leadership Award: presented posthumously to the late

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