Canadian-designed Corvette shooting brake will cost $15,000 on top of Corvette purchase

Bespoke coachbuilder, tuner, and race car builder Callaway Cars is planning to put their AeroWagon Concept into production.

Back in March, Callaway showed off the insanely cool looking “Corvette with a hatch” AeroWagon, designed by Paul Deutschman of Deutscheman Design in Montreal. Initially, the AeroWagon was expected to cost “under $15,000” over the sticker price of a new Corvette Stingray.

For all that wagon goodness to be added to the Corvette of your choice, Callaway will invoice you for a cool $15,000 USD, plus $1,500 if you prefer body colour to carbon fibre.

GTSpirit reports production models will be available starting January 1st and it will only be sold in North America.

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