June 19, 2007

California votes to reformulate gasoline with increased ethanol content

Fresno, California – The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has voted on a new reformulation of California gasoline that will allow an increase up to 10 per cent of ethanol. The move will bring the state up to national standards for ethanol use.

“By incorporating a larger percentage of less-expensive, renewable, clean-burning, low-carbon ethanol into California’s gasoline blend, consumers, the environment and the economy all benefit,” says Bill Jones, Chairman and Founder of Pacific Ethanol Inc. “Governor Schwarzenegger has made California a leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and today’s action by the California Air Resources Board builds on that record of success. This decision is a testament to the good things that result when the business community, government and environmental stakeholders work together.”

The state’s current formulation for gasoline has traditionally included a lower percentage of ethanol than the rest of the nation. The move is also expected to reduce the cost of gasoline, as ethanol is currently 65 cents cheaper per gallon than gasoline.

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