Sacramento, California – California’s Air Resources Board (ARB) has adopted two regulations aimed at cleaning up emissions from the estimated one million heavy-duty diesel trucks that operate in the state.

Beginning January 1, 2011, the Statewide Truck and Bus rule will require truck owners to install diesel exhaust filters on their vehicles, with nearly all vehicles upgraded by 2014. Owners must also replace engines older than the 2010 model, according to a staggered implementation schedule that extends from 2012 to 2022.

As well, the Board adopted the Heavy Duty Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction measure, which will require long-haul truckers to install fuel-efficient tires and aerodynamic devices on their trailers, to improve fuel economy and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

“Today’s vote marks a milestone in the history of California’s air quality,” said ARB chairman Mary Nichols. “The Board’s actions will not only help protect the health of 38 million Californians, they will also ensure that California continues strongly on its path to achieving clean air. And in light of today’s extremely challenging financial climate, I am also pleased to say that the Governor, legislature and voters have made available more than one billion dollars in grants and loan programs to help truckers and business owners comply with this vital public health measure.”

The greenhouse gas reduction measure applies to more than 500,000 trailers, while the diesel regulation applies to about 400,000 heavy-duty vehicles that are registered in the state, and about 500,000 out-of-state vehicles that do business in California. However, because many heavy-duty vehicles are replaced or retired due to normal business practices on a faster schedule than what the new regulation will require, the number expected to be retrofit by 2014 under the rule is about 230,000 vehicles.

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