December 5, 2007

California law firm launches multi-million-dollar lawsuit against Ford

Newport Beach, California – A personal injury law firm has launched a multi-million-dollar trial against Ford Motor Company over the Ford Expedition SUV. The suit, launched by Bisnar Chase, alleges that Ford “knowingly manufactured and sold the Ford Expedition sport utility vehicle with a defective roof that collapses during rollover accidents.” The trial began yesterday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The plaintiff, Gloria Levesque, was permanently paralyzed on July 25, 2003 when she was a passenger in an Expedition; the driver swerved to avoid a collision with a large truck and the Expedition rolled over several times. During the rollover, the roof crushed inward, causing her permanent head and spinal injuries.

The suit alleges that Ford intentionally engaged in conduct that exposed the plaintiff and other users of the Expedition to potentially serious, life-threatening danger for its financial interest, and demonstrated a conscious disregard for consumer safety. Levesque is seeking a judgment for past and future medical expenses, loss of earnings, and pain and suffering.

The lawsuit, originally filed on November 8, 2005, centres on the allegation that Ford manipulates the general public into believing that large SUVs, such as the Expedition, are safer compared to other vehicles, while knowing that they have one of the highest rates of rollover injuries and deaths.

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