September 17, 2003

Calgary bike racer tackles Isle of Man in new film

Toronto, Ontario – At the age of 46, Calgary resident, Mark Gardiner decided to quit his day job and sell everything in order to attempt the ultimate racing challenge: the Isle of Man TT, the world’s greatest, and most dangerous, motorcycle road race.

Gardiner’s quest was captured on film and the result is One Man’s Island, a documentary feature film that will have its local premiere at the 2003 Calgary International Film Festival. The film is a first feature by Toronto director & cinematographer Peter Riddihough. “Fundamentally it’s about pursuing a dream. It is a film about risk; the risk involved in following your dreams.”

The Isle of Man, a tiny island in the middle of the Irish Sea, has been host to the TT Races since 1907. Regarded as the ultimate test of man & machine, riders from around the world race against the clock on a course comprised of 38 miles of public roads.

Directed, shot & recorded by Riddihough single-handedly, One Man’s Island follows Gardiner’s story over the 3 months leading up to the race itself. The film even includes the stunning onboard footage captured taken from a camera built into Gardiner’s race-bike.

“I worked hard to avoid the clichés of other motorcycle movies. Racing is a discipline, a craft, a process. It was important to me that by the time you’re riding onboard during the race, you understand the man who’s controlling the bike and what he did to get there.”

The 2003 Calgary International Film Festival take place September 27 to October 5. One Man’s Island shows Tuesday, September 30th, 6:45 PM, Uptown 2.

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