Cadillac will rename SRX and introduce two new utilities to lineup

After announcing the new ‘CT’ prefixed nomenclature to be used on Cadillac’s line of cars, the New York bound luxury brand will rely on the ‘XT’ prefix for current and future utility models.

Speaking to Forbes, Cadillac chief marketing officer Uwe Ellinghaus let it slip that “future SUVs will have an ‘XT’ and cars will have a ‘CT’ and the number behind each pair of letters will indicate its size in the hierarchy.”

Currently, Cadillac has two utilities in its lineup – the SRX and Escalade – but the latter will not follow the new naming convention. The SRX, along with two future utilities (one above and one below the SRX) will use the new ‘XT’ prefix in their names.

The first model to receive Cadillac’s new nomenclature will be the upcoming Cadillac CT6, a new model that will sit above the CTS in Cadillac’s car lineup.

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