Barton, Vermont – A new world record for the longest parade of Cadillacs was set on Wednesday, August 17, 2011, in the Vermont town where Cadillac founder Henry Leland was born in 1843.

A total of 298 Cadillacs, ranging from a 1905 single-cylinder model to 2011 versions, drove through Barton to the Orleans County Fair to break the previous record of 102 Cadillacs set in 2002 in The Netherlands.

The event was organized by Lorie Seadale, who owns a restaurant in Barton and is a director of the annual fair. She said she thought that she could draw more people to the small rural town, which has a population of about 2,750, if a Guinness world record were on the line. The tie-in to Henry Leland, who founded both Cadillac and Lincoln, gave her the idea to try to break the record.

Cars came from as far away as Alaska, Florida, South Carolina, Texas and Massachusetts, as well as two from Ontario, two from Quebec, and a pink 1959 convertible from New Brunswick that led the parade. Several descendants of Henry Leland were also present. The Guinness world record was confirmed by an adjudicator at the event.

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