January 4, 2001

Cadillac Introduces 2002 Cadillac Escalade EXT

2002 Cadillac Escalade EXT
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General Motors’ Cadillac division revealed the Escalade EXT yesterday at the Los Angeles Auto Show – a Sport Utility Truck that is a cross between a luxury SUV and a premium pickup truck. The EXT will offer the luxury Cadillac customers expect and the extended cargo capabilities of a pickup truck.

Building on the design and technology foundation of the all-new 2002
Escalade, Escalade EXT offers the same distinct design and technologies as
its sister and the reconfigurability capabilities of its cousin, the Chevy

“Luxury customers demand more and more ability to customize and personalize
their driving experience – the EXT provides this in spades,” said Michael J.
O’Malley, Cadillac general manager. “The reconfigurability of the EXT will
be our edge in this increasingly competitive luxury truck market. Coupled
with the new Escalade, we think we have a very strong hand in this market.”

A Bold Statement

The Escalade EXT offers sheer, chiseled forms and bold styling. In its
standard configuration, EXT offers a roomy, luxurious, comfortable
five-passenger cab and a 5’3″ (1.6 m) long cargo box. Luxury customers
requiring more cargo room can easily convert the reconfigurable Midgate(tm)
in a few minutes without any tools, extending the bed to a full 8’1″ (2.5
m). The Midgate(tm) folds into the interior of the cab to create a 4′ x 8′
(1.2 m x 2.43 m) cargo area to transport large items, from artwork to a
large screen TV.

Items are protected from the elements and theft by a standard three-piece
cargo cover and lockable tailgate.

The cargo box also offers protection for items secured inside.
The sides of the cargo box, along with the Midgate(tm) and tailgate, are
constructed of a new PRO-TEC(tm) composite material.

The EXT’s rear window is removable to allow for additional cargo space or
for added air-circulation. The window is easily stowed on board and works in
conjunction with the Midgate(tm).

The Escalade EXT’s bold design is representative of Cadillac’s vision of art
and science and with its sibling the Escalade, are the first production
vehicles to articulate the new design vocabulary.

The EXT is engineered to offer a dominant entry into an emerging luxury
market with the following features:

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