Limited edition CTS-V Coupe announced for second half of this year

Starting in the latter half of this year, Cadillac will be selling the last 500 CTS-V Coupes in the United States to the tune of over $72,000 (Canada won’t be getting it, unfortunately, we confirmed with GM Canada).

However, this isn’t the only news. Nor is it the big news.

Since the new CTS sedan was released, we’ve had to make do with the 420 hp twin-turbo 3.6-litre V6 engine under its hood in V-sport trim. Not that the mill is a slouch by any measure, but it isn’t the fire-breathing V8 found in the previous generation CTS-V.

Next year, that all changes.

In the release for the Limited Edition CTS-V was this tiny little gem:

The next-generation V-Series models are in development and will premiere next year.

Whether that means they’ll go on sale next year is another story. But, we are betting General Motors will drop the big news in Detroit in January.


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