May 8, 2003

Cadillac CTS and Escalade EXT appear in The Matrix Reloaded

Detroit, Michigan – In General Motors’ largest product placement effort ever, the Cadillac CTS sedan and Escalade EXT sport utility truck will star in a spectacular car chase in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Village Roadshow Pictures’ The Matrix Reloaded.

The film, which hits theatres May 15, is the second installment of a trilogy that began with The Matrix, the 1999 release that revolutionized the science-fiction/action film genre with groundbreaking special effects and innovative storytelling, spawning an edgy, high-tech following and earning four Academy Awards. The Matrix also was the first DVD to sell a million units and has since become the top-selling DVD of all time.

The Cadillac CTS and Escalade EXT appear in The Matrix Reloaded in one of the most elaborate freeway chase sequences ever filmed. After spending months searching for the perfect highway location, filmmakers were unable to find an existing freeway that met the necessary production requirements, so they built their own mile-and-a-half-long freeway – complete with a 19-foot high wall and two overpasses – on a runway at the Alameda Naval Base.

Cadillac invested a significant amount of time and vehicles to the project. Cadillac turned over more than 24 vehicles to Silver Pictures to use in The Matrix Reloaded freeway chase. The sequence runs approximately 15 minutes but offers little insight into how Cadillac created two-dozen vehicles that didn’t yet exist.

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