Ottawa, Ontario – The Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) has launched a new public education Web site that will provide fact-based information on auto emissions and the role played by vehicles in the environment. The site can be found at

“We have launched the site as a resource to educate our member dealers, their employees and, in turn, the public about how the industry as a whole has successfully moved on the issue,” said CADA chairman Tom Donnelly. “Developing new technologies is not enough. There are currently about one million 20-year-old vehicles on our roads today. Removing these vehicles would be the equivalent to removing 37 million new vehicles from the road in terms of smog, not to mention the associated safety improvements.”

The site states that new vehicles sold in Canada represent only one per cent of greenhouse gas emissions and that the auto industry has signed a voluntary agreement to reduce emissions by 5.3 megatonnes by 2010. The new site also includes tips on fuel efficiency for consumers.

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