Technology vendor Quindell to provide hardware solution

CAA South Central Ontario is looking to get into the telematics game using technical solutions from vendor Quindell, CAASCO announced today.

The ‘auto club’, which provides services ranging from roadside assistance to insurance, believes they can provide a wide range of remote monitoring and assistance services in the future using the technology. Such services could include remote unlock and being able to deploy CAASCO personnel more accurately based on GPS data.

However, the first use of the technology will come in early 2014 in the form of usage-based insurance. The module will monitor your driving traits and give ‘safer’ drivers a discount of up to 15-percent. All participants will receive a five-percent discount on their premiums.

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CAA to invest in new telematics technology and services
Technology to help members be safer and better connected

THORNHILL, Ont. – CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) has signed a contract with a sector-leading technology vendor, Quindell, to provide its members and insurance customers with new telematics technology and services.

CAA SCO is exploring the use of telematics to provide its members with increased safety and value for their membership. The technology could be used to allow CAA SCO to respond to roadside assistance calls more effectively through GPS location services and even include remote services for lock-outs. Vehicle diagnostics would help drivers understand their driving habits and promote safer driving, provide vehicle maintenance alerts and tips on how to use their vehicle more efficiently and economically.

“Our promise to our members is to provide them with roadside safety, peace of mind and value for their membership,” said Cindy Hillaby, Vice President, Membership and Automotive Services. “Telematics provides us with new opportunities to use technology to deliver on that promise more effectively while providing members with an extra level of care and convenience,” added Hillaby.

The first telematics product CAA SCO plans to launch is a usage-based insurance product in early 2014. Policyholders who sign on will receive a five-per cent participation discount, basic vehicle diagnostics and the opportunity for further discounts of up to 15 per cent on renewal as a result of good driving behaviors.

“We believe in offering insurance customers more choice and the flexibility to reduce their rates based on their own driving behavior,” said Matthew Turack, Vice President, CAA Insurance. “The program is for drivers who want to be recognized and rewarded for continuously demonstrating safe driving behaviors, plus CAA Members will continue to benefit from security, peace of mind and quality support of our roadside assistance.”

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