Thornhill, Ontario – It’s the law to slow down and move over in Ontario if you are approaching a stopped police cruiser, fire truck or ambulance on the highway with its red or blue lights flashing, and CAA wants to add tow trucks to that list.

“Everyone deserves a safe place to work,” said Nick Parks, president and CEO of CAA South Central Ontario. “That is why CAA is calling for changes to the Highway Traffic Act. Including tow truck operators in the ‘Slow Down, Move Over’ legislation will recognize the dangers these drivers face every day and will help prevent crashes on Ontario highways, reduce injuries and save lives.”

PC Community Safety Critic Garfield Dunlop, MPP for Simcoe North, has introduced his private member’s bill, the Highway Traffic Amendment Act (Roadside Assistance Vehicles) 2011. The bill would amend the Highway Traffic Act to include tow truck operators and police department vehicles with flashing amber lights to the current list of roadside assistance vehicles.

“A simple amendment to Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act will help protect the 4,500 tow truck operators in Ontario like similar legislation in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and 39 U.S. states,” Dunlop said. “Ontarians need to recognize the dangers these workers face daily and give them the tools to work in a safer environment.”

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