London, Ontario – CAA School Safety Patrollers, along with police in London, Ontario, held a special event of traffic spot checks to target unsafe drivers near school zones. Offenders received a safety lecture and a mock ticket from the patrollers, who are students who help get children to and from school safely every day.

Some of the bad driving habits by parents include double parking or stopping on crosswalks, loading or unloading children on the opposite side of the street, stopping in moving traffic and expecting children to get out and scramble to the sidewalk, and deliberately blocking the path of the school bus to keep their children from missing the bus. Others have even driven beside a school bus, honking the horn and waving for the driver to stop, in some cases to deliver a forgotten lunch.

“CAA encourages a safe start and end to the school day by reducing traffic dangers for children,” said Breanna Gaudet, community relations specialist for CAA South Central Ontario.

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