March 23, 2007

CAA responds to federal budget

Ottawa, Ontario – The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) has commented on the federal budget, and says that while it is encouraged by the infrastructure spending announced, it is concerned by the absence of dedicated funding for Canada’s national roads and highways.

“If Canada does not take immediate action to invest in our National Highway System, its roadways will continue to lag behind population and economic growth, leading to deteriorating roadways, reduced productivity, increased congestion, higher emissions and a decline in our competitive standard,” the association said in a release.

For years, CAA has advocated that the federal government should make better and safer roadways a major goal, and consider them not simply an expense but an investment in the health and safety, productivity and quality of life of Canadians. It says the government must demonstrate its commitment by recognizing that the National Highway System requires a national policy, with sustained and dedicated funding to ensure it is safe, efficient and environmentally responsible.

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