October 5, 2007

CAA reminds motorists to avoid distractions on this long weekend

Ottawa, Ontario – The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) is reminding drivers to stay safe this long weekend by avoiding distractions while driving. According to a recent poll conducted for CAA, over 10.8 million Canadians will be on the highway during the Thanksgiving weekend; with this high volume of traffic, 59 per cent of Canadians polled believe that the most dangerous aspect of driving on a long weekend is driver distraction.

Of those polled, 57 per cent said that distracted driving is more of a concern today than it was five years ago, and an additional 35 per cent said that it has not improved. However, 44 per cent said they drive while using a cell phone or other electronic device, and almost one in ten do so often.

CAA offers the following tips for a safe long weekend:

  • Pull off the road and stop in a safe location before using a cell phone, hand-held electronic device, or eating or drinking.
  • Place children under 12 in the back seat, in the correct car or booster seat, and make sure they have toys and games to occupy their attention.
  • Familiarize yourself with your route before departing; leave early and slow down.
  • Allow extra distance between cars, especially on busy highways, and always fasten your seatbelt.

  • Don’t drink and drive, and don’t drive when fatigued. Many people try to “maximize” the holiday weekend by heading out on the road at night, when they may be tired; CAA suggests starting fresh in the morning.

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