March 22, 2004

CAA releases self-rating quiz for safe driving

Ottawa, Ontario – The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) has released an on-line self-assessment quiz for drivers to assess their behind-the-wheel abilities.

Designed for motorists that might be questioning their driving abilities when faced with aging or health-related challenges, the self-assessment quiz will help identify those areas where changes in driving habits or skills are required.

“Using the Check Your Own Performance quiz will encourage motorists to become ‘activated drivers’ – drivers who are more aware of their own driving skills and who take the responsibility to self-examine and compare their ability with the requirements for safe, confident driving,” said David Flewelling, president of CAA. “Being aware of your own ability is critical but judging that ability by yourself is difficult. This self-rating quiz helps people to have a better understanding of their driving ability and identify where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Self-examination is an important first step for motorists in understanding that our abilities change as we age or our health changes, and that we need to be able to recognize how these changes affect our driving.”

The self-rating quiz, which is taken privately, asks the motorist fifteen questions about their driving habits and skills. Once filled out, the quiz instantly provides suggestions for improvement in areas that either should be changed immediately or practices that have the potential to become dangerous. The quiz will be especially useful to aging drivers who can take the test to objectively assess their current driving abilities. Once they are more aware of their abilities, drivers and their families can then make the choice to either fine-tune their driving, or seek additional professional assessment, or consider other transportation options.

“The safety of Canadian motorists is a critical priority for CAA,” added Mr. Flewelling. “It is very important for us to provide all drivers in Canada and their families with tools and information that will help them drive safely throughout the different stages of their lives.”

The Check Your Own Performance quiz is available on-line at at the national site.

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