Ottawa, Ontario – The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) has released the 2008 edition of its annual Driving Costs brochure, which provides a comprehensive look at the total cost of personal vehicle ownership in Canada. The brochure is available to all drivers online.

CAA teamed up with Runzheimer International to capture the average cost of private vehicle ownership of a midsize car and minivan in Canada, with a chart that allows drivers to determine their costs.

“This is another tool for our 5.2 million members to use as a way of keeping their personal vehicle costs down,” said Tim Shearman, CAA president. “Our Driving Costs brochure is one of our most popular and well-used tools, and is one of the many services CAA provides to ensure peace of mind when travelling at home or abroad.”

The brochure can be accessed through the Public Affairs section of CAA’s Web site at

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