June 15, 2007

CAA-Quebec study says impaired driving ruins lives and affects finances

Quebec City, Quebec – CAA-Quebec has put out a reminder to motorists that driving under the influence not only affects road safety, but can have a tremendous impact on personal finances. The association estimates that the cost of a first-time impaired driving conviction can reach almost $8,000.

According to a recent CAA-Quebec study, a 24-year-old male driver with a previously clean record, living in the Montreal area and driving a 2003 Honda Civic, could be required to pay up to $7,700 following a first impaired driving conviction just in the first year. For a 40-year-old male driver with a previously clean record and a 2006 Honda Accord, the total could be as much as $6,200.

A driver found guilty of driving under the influence would have a criminal record and lose driving privileges for one year, and have to pay towing fees ($85), vehicle storage ($18), fine (minimum $600), mandatory Alcofrein information session ($150), evaluation of alcohol-related behaviour ($159), legal fees (minimum $285), supplementary insurance fee to obtain a new license ($300), copies of the court ruling ($479), and increased auto insurance premiums of as much as $4,199 for a 24-year-old male driver, and $2,680 for a 40-year-old male driver.

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