January 19, 2005

CAA Quebec resumes pothole-reporting web-site

Quebec City, Quebec – CAA-Quebec is putting Pothole Watch, the
organization’s official pothole-reporting site, on its Web site at
www.caaquebec.com a month earlier this year.

“For the fifth year in a row, we’re giving motorists the opportunity to
report potholes that pose a potential danger to them, and particularly to
their cars,” says Claire Roy, director public affairs and media relations for
CAA-Quebec. “Once again, we will play our part by conveying the information to
the authorities concerned.” Because all potholes reported to CAA-Quebec are
listed on the site, Pothole Watch serves as a huge warning sign on the
situation across the entire province.

Unfortunately, CAA-Quebec is anticipating that the 2005 pothole season
will be particularly bad because of the successive thaws and freezes that
hasten the formation of these driving hazards. This is all the more true in
light of the already flawed condition of road surfaces.

“The mercury has been rising and falling like a yo-yo since December, and
that’s all it takes to worsen the situation,” says Ms. Roy, adding that
potholes are just a symptom of the general deterioration of our roads system.

“As long as the root cause of the problem is not solved, we’ll be stuck with
potholes, many of which are true craters.” In the latest edition of Touring
magazine (winter 2004, see www.caaquebec.com, under “Public Affairs”),
CAA-Quebec criticizes the laxness of the authorities toward the problem.

Ms. Roy concludes with irony: “The evidence is starting to indicate that,
sadly, the pothole season will soon be running from January 1 to December 31.
Maybe CAA-Quebec will someday be asking motorists to report the increasingly
rare sections of roadway that are in good shape!”

Founded in 1904, CAA-Quebec has 810,000 members in Quebec.

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